Michael Denk

  • Michael Denk is responsible for real estate activities, marketing and sales. This role involves developing and managing the investment strategy of real estate funds.
  • In addition, Michael Denk is responsible for the acquisition and care of institutional investors. He is also the contact for asset managers.
  • Finally, together with Peter Hein, Michael Denk manages the expansion and diversification of the asset portfolio managed by the firm.

Dr. Peter E. Hein

  • Peter Hein is head of portfolio management for the transportation and energy sectors and is responsible for structuring solutions across all asset categories.
  • Peter Hein is also in charge of the firm’s compliance management system, both for its general framework and refinement.
  • Together with Michael Denk, Peter Hein manages implementation of the chosen investment strategies and expansion of the asset portfolio managed by the firm.

Tanja Kisselbach

  • Tanja Kisselbach is in charge of accounting, controlling and risk management.
  • She is head of the third party AIFM business, strategically developing the comprehensive range of services provided to institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, trusts and foundations.
  • In addition, Tanja Kisselbach is responsible for investor and regulatory reporting where she develops individual reporting solutions for investors.